I don’t want to, but he is still in my head. I am still hoping that he would get in touch, that maybe I went too crazy over nothing?? But it’s been a week and nothing so far, so I guess, that’s all, unless I message first, which if I did, would mean no self-respect, so I do not want to do that. I do miss him, but I spoke to one guy, who knows the whole situation, and he said “let him go, he is a loser” The truth is, he really is a loser. He smokes too much weed, I have never seen him not being high I am not really sure if he was not high at work. He can’t live without weed, he smokes cigarettes, I don’t, which for me is really annoying, just the smell, and I would not want to change anybody from who they are. If he is on the track to get back AGAIN with his girlfriend, then she is the one for him! I don’t know exactly what they were texting about, I know that what he told me was a lie, as I saw partly their conversation, which he doesn’t know, so good luck, I will step aside for their love!!! I just feel betrayed, as before, when they got back together, he told me straight away, so why not now? What is different? Never mind, he is a bad person, who does not care for other’s people feelings.