So we met again and half of the time he was on the phone. it is driving me crazy, when somebody does that. It’s OK to do it from time to time, but he was doing it all the time, writing all conversations with some people. What was I supposed to do at that time? Stare in the ceiling? And as well, his ex-girlfriend texted him, at the beginning, he ignored the texts, but later they started texting. All the time, I was there. Why? To do what? I can’t get over it. Why did he invite me? I was just trying to watch TV, and not get upset about him using the phone, but at some point I couldn’t stand it and I left. He didn’t even notice me leaving, he was so busy with the phone. I messaged him to ask when he is going to repay me money he owes me, and he replied “why are you texting me, you are here” I said “Am I? then find me” and then I said that I left and waiting in a corridor. He came to get me and i told him that he was so busy with his phone that he did not notice me slamming the door. But nothing changed. He was still on the phone, later let’s say we had some fun, or maybe more it was for him. Then he decided  that it’s time to go to sleep, although usually, we would stay up for longer, but OK, his house, his rules. We went to sleep, when he woke up, first thing he checked was his phone, and called his ex girlfriend, to ask if she is OK, they were texting a lot! WTF? I am still there, at least wait until I am gone! He was all the time on the phone, so I got dressed, he asked if I was OK, I did not say anything, I was sitting in a living room with him for a while, but he was on the phone all the time, so my anger was just raising, and I did not see the point of staying there. I took my jacket and left. He asked me something as I was leaving, I do not remember as I was really upset. I just texted him “ask your phone how I am” he replied “oh, please, don’t get upset” Oh, please, how can I not get upset?! I was so upset, I forgot bus number to get home. I told him that I asked him politely about the phone and then I lost my patience. He told me that he had to talk to his friends about organising some party today. Haha! But he didn’t tell me that he was talking to his ex! So I told him, I saw her name on his phone. He told me they were talking about flat. It’s not true! I really did not see much, I tried not to look when they were texting, but I saw one sentence that he wrote to her that I think means, and for sure means that they are on a track to get back together. He wrote her that he loves her. C’mon, why is he hiding it from me? then there was something that he was rude to her, only because he was upset… Why doesn’t he want to tell me that they are getting back together? Before, when they got back together, he told me, so what is different now? Oh, it hurts me every time. I know I don’t want to see him if they are on their track to get back together, but I do like him. How am I supposed to ask him what is going on? Was it the reason we didn’t have sex?